We build and operate a wide range of solutions for our SME clients


We work with SMEs and Developers to harness our existing capabilities via solutions set up by us or API consumption by Developers.

Lyniar Platform Capabilities Setup and API

We offer all the capabilities of Lyniar to 3rd parties under a software as a service (SaaS) arrangement. The capability allows us to operate an e-commerce platform branded for a 3rd Party. The platform allows the 3rd party to work with a network of merchants and retailers to resell and distribute goods and services across the country. Our platform provides a wide range of SME support tools that allow our merchant and retailers to grow their businesses. Contact us to harness an existing tried and trusted service to sell and distribute your goods and services online. The SaaS comes with a great support team.

Sterde PIN Platform Capabilities Setup and API

The Sterde PIN Platform (SPP) solution portfolio offers a unique range of solutions that allow SMEs to engage and interact with their clients via PINs. 3rd Party developers can harness the capability of SPP to use PINs for promotions, payments, validations, data gathering, loyalty programs, value reselling, and more. These solutions can be optionally set up via Sterde’s USSD, SMS, and mobile application platforms. Work with us to add a PIN flavour to your platform to increase sales and revenues via simple, smart, and innovative PIN solutions.

LyniarExpress Platform Capabilities Setup and API

Sterde developed and operates the LyniarExpress.com courier services platform. Sterde provides 3rd party API that permits developers on 3rd party platforms to access LyniarExpress courier services seamlessly. 3rd parties can also make gains by being a reseller of LyniarExpress services. LyniarExpress offers world-class courier services to support the 3rd party platform merchants, retailers, and users. This results in increased customer satisfaction and experience, leading to growth.

Sterde Airtime, Data, SMS, USSD, and Payments Capabilities Setup, and API

Sterde OneStopShop API allows 3rd Party developers to access a single API that supports Airtime, Data, SMS, USSD, and Payments. This allows easy management of application consumables and capabilities. For payment services, we provide payment capabilities for our 3rd parties through our certified payment solution providers. Our solution offers the movement of funds in and out of their account. The inflow of funds into their account includes funds from a bank, mobile money, and debit or credit card. They can also move funds from their account to a bank, mobile money, and debit or credit card.

247aides Customer Care Capabilities Setup and API

Our 247aides call centre services provide 3rd Parties to access professional customer care and customer service support for their clients via their own SIM. We work with clients to define their terms and conditions, and where required, we integrate into their platform to have access to the required information to support their clients. Our well-trained staff work to build and sustain the emotional connection between our 3rd party and their customers. At the same time, our customer service involves listening and assisting the customer with the products and services provided by 3rd Party clients. Our call centre efforts lead to increase customer satisfaction and retention for our clients.


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Cost-Effective Solutions

Our SME experience allows us to develop SMEs support solutions that are cost-saving without compromising on quality, efficiency, and sustained delivery.

Cross-Sector Expertise

Our knowledge of business and IT enables us to bring innovation and new ideas to help grow your SME.

Flexible Resourcing

Our flexible arrangements allow businesses to consume our services on demand.

24/7, 365 Support

Our team is dedicated to providing support to our clients as and when needed.

Fully Compliant Solutions

We are fully compliant with the best industry standards at all times.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our people – staff, clients, and their customers.

Our Clients

We provide software as a service with these partners.


Adoption of ISO 27001


With cyber-attacks and data breaches on the rise globally, our management has chosen to focus on mitigating the risk by implementing an ISMS. We have adopted ISO 27001, which offers international standard best practices for an ISMS. Pursuing ISO 27001 permitted us to adopt a process-based approach for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving our information systems. This enables us to provide world-class information security for our clients, partners, team, and stakeholders to sustain growth.

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